20th July, 9:58 am

I should stop writing obscure entries.

I should also stop worrying about things that I can't change.

I shouldn't post silly quiz results either.Collapse )
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20th July, 1:03 am

My sister's friend is still here. So is my headache. I don't understand how anyone could talk quite as much as they do and yet manage not to say anything relevant at all. It's an art form.

Then again, what's relevant anyway? A few months ago, I knew exactly who I was and where I was going in life. At school, I was in the only house that mattered. I wanted to be a prefect and, eventually, Head Girl. I didn't have a great many friends, but the ones I did had, I was sure would be there for life. Although I didn't have any moral objection to the alternative, I was interested in boys and only boys and thought I'd quite probably end up with Harry or Ron anyway. I had no time for Slytherins. I believed that my best friends would tell me if something was wrong or something important was happening in their lives. I knew that good was certain to overcome evil. I hoped that the final war would never come, but knew that if it did, I would not hesitate to take sides.

Things change.
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19th July, 12:35 am

I would say that I'm quite confused at the moment, if it weren't so likely to ruin my reputation as someone who tends to know what she's talking about most of the time.

There are several people using these journals who ought to learn the value of minding their own business, as opposed to making unjust comments and posting speculative gossip about people. I don't think I need to name names. It's really quite obvious who I mean.

I find it rather strange that the only person who has the slightest idea why I constantly feel so frustrated at the moment is one of the last people whom I should feel inclined to confide in. Perhaps it's even stranger that I really don't care. If my friends can have secrets, then so can I. And besides, I like her.

My sister has one of her school-friends staying with us at the moment. They've been squealing and gossiping about popstars and boys at their school for what seems like centuries. My head hurts.
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15th July, 11:54 pm

There is an interesting irony in the fact that there are several people whom I know I ought to like who, in reality, leave me cold. Worse still are the people whom I actively dislike, despite them being well-intentioned and perfectly harmless souls. It's a rather un-Gryffindor trait of mine. As is sending owls to people I'm meant to loathe. And being gratified by the response. I should probably feel guiltier than I actually do.

Perhaps it's the isolation. There are days when I think it must be nice to have a mind completely uncluttered by thought.

Something is coming. Soon.

The little things don't seem quite so trivial anymore.
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12th July, 11:33 pm

Well, it's certainly been an interesting couple of days. Ron's in hospital, Neville's been ill as well, I've been talking to Andrew... Andrea... quite a bit and something's going on with the Slytherins that has turned them back into the people they were when this assignment began. I feel a little disappointed, really.

It's terrible being stuck here with no-one decent to talk to (my sister persists in believing that all witches and wizards are like their Disney depictions), worrying about what might be happening out there in the real world. I can only imagine how much worse it must be for Harry, stuck with those beastly relatives of his.

I might try to find my way to St. Mungo's to see Ron today. I think I need to be around friends at the moment.

For a moment, it actually seemed like we might have been able to put aside our differences in light of recent events. I guess this just proves that I don't know everything. This is not the sort of situation that one reads about in books...
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10th July, 11:32 pm

It would be very nice if my lovelife--or lack thereof--was not a topic of public discussion. After all, there are a lot more important things that we should be thinking about at the moment. Like Voldemort, in case everyone's forgotten amidst the parties and gossip.

I'm starting to wonder whether these journals were such a good idea after all.
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8th July, 11:25 pm

Well. That'll teach me to get excited about something. We were about halfway to the Burrow yesterday when Dad's car broke down. Not a word about Muggle technology, please. Anything you can say, I've already said myself a thousand times, probably while we were standing on the side of the road for two hours waiting for a tow-truck. Luckily I owled my grey top to Ginny before we left home, seeing as we were already running late thanks to my sister spilling milk all over the kitchen floor.

Ron, I'm so terribly sorry I didn't make it. I feel dreadful about it, especially as it seems like several other people didn't turn up either. It sounds like you all had fun anyway, though.

I feel rather left out.
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7th July, 1:03 am

Mum and I made a trifle today, ready for tomorrow's party. The trifle has sherry in it, but I don't think there's enough to have any effect on us, although it's quite enormous so we'll all be able to have quite a generous slice each. I cooked three dozen biscuits too. I hope that'll be enough. I guess it depends on whether everyone turns up or not. Then again, I'm sure Harry and Ron would be quite capable of eating the lot between them—what is it about boys and growth-spurts that has them eating everything in sight?

Everyone seems to be worrying about what to wear to the respective parties. Perhaps I should be thinking about it as well. Then again, what's the point in worrying too much about that sort of thing? Everyone knows what I look like already—surely the colour of my dress or the way I do my hair is irrelevant.

Sometimes I worry that I might be a little dull compared to everyone else. Perhaps I should develop a coffee habit or find a local house-elf to dose me with firewhisky.

Actually, I think I might tidy my room instead.
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5th July, 11:33 pm

I had a lovely long chat to George last night. It sounds like the seventh is going to be great fun. Not that I would actively condone everything that's being planned, I should point out.

I am beginning to sense a pattern to my online interactions, however. Why oh why does everyone seem to be so certain that Ron and I are dating? Can't two friends argue every now and then without the world deciding it's a secret code for something else? I will announce it here, so everyone can see it. Ron and I are friends. That's it.

And now surely there's something much more interesting that we all could discuss.
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4th July, 1:53 am

I've discovered the greatest drawback of having this journal. Stuck at home for the holidays, I find it very hard to know what to write! I could subject you all to a blow-by-blow (not literally!) description of the fight I had with my little sister, but somehow I don't think anyone needs to know about her "borrowing" my favourite top... Thank Merlin she's not at Hogwarts, that's all I have to say.

It seems these journals have already worked a little magic for a couple of our classmates. I doubt Dumbledore would have intended them as matchmaking devices, but obviously they have more than one function. It's definitely a lot easier talking to people in writing than face-to-face. Face-to-face I usually just end up wishing I could read a book instead. Books are easy; people are a lot harder to read.

Ron's party looks to be more and more interesting by the minute...
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2nd July, 11:26 pm

I managed to chat with Tonks for a while yesterday before my mother called me away from the computer to go shopping with her. Tonks seems lovely, even if she does have a habit of asking awkward questions which I really don't want to give the answers to...

But it's not much point worrying about that.

I wrote to Viktor today, saying that I couldn't come. It's really not a good idea right now, and although he stressed that I would be staying there as his friend, I don't want to give him the wrong idea. Just because people around here don't seem to realise I'm a girl most of the time, that's no reason to do anything foolish.

I'm really looking forward to Ron's party. It'll be great to see everyone again. I have a couple of ideas for Muggle games we could play. Truth or Dare should prove popular, I think...

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2nd July, 12:21 am

I received a letter from Viktor today. He wants me to visit him during the holidays. Purely as friends, naturally, but he seemed very keen on me coming.

I'll say no, of course. But still, it would be nice to see him again.

I'm not even going to mention it to my parents. I think they'd have a joint heart attack at the thought.

I think I'll wait until tomorrow to reply.

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30th June, 1:09 am

While I still think these journals are a wonderful idea, the idea of actually chatting to everyone online is a little daunting right now. I know what to say to people when I see them at school (well, most of the time, anyway) but what do you say to someone when you're typing into a little window? And how do you know whether they really want to hear from you?

I suppose it could be worse. I could be off reading some of those stories that Ginny and Ron have been talking about. From what they've been saying about them, I think I'll stay far, far away!

I'm looking forward to Ron's party. His parents are lovely, even if his father does tend to corner me and ask me endless questions about Muggles. And I do love spending time with Ginny and the twins.

Speaking of parties, I'm sure Malfoy thinks we'll all be crushed by his not inviting us to his. Frankly, I can think of much better things to do with my time than being stuck in a room with him. I don't suppose saying that's really in the spirit of these journals.

*frowns* I hope it won't affect my grade...

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29th June, 12:55 am

Well, who would have thought? All of the teachers and students of Hogwarts, linked together by a Muggle invention!

I don't suppose there's any real need to write out the history behind this journal, as anyone who reads it will know the reasons behind its creation. I think it's a marvellous idea. Witches and wizards often underestimate the incredible wealth of information that can be found on the internet, as long as you know where to look. Perhaps we could even start to use our laptops in class as well as for the journals. I'm sure there must be a CD-Rom version of Hogwarts: A History somewhere.

Of course, I'm also looking forward to being able to be in such regular contact with my friends over the summer. It'll be much better than the occasional owl. Ron? Harry? Neville? We really must meet up properly some time soon. And Ginny, I'll have to rescue you from your house full of boys for a while—perhaps you could come and stay with me for a few days.

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