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I was foolish enough to mention Voldemort to my parents today. To say that my mother panicked a little would be an understatement. She was ready to withdraw me from Hogwarts in favour of enrolling me in the nice, "safe" public school that my sister goes to. It took a while to convince them both that I was probably safer at Hogwarts, but now that I have, I think they're counting the days until I go back there. As am I.

I talked to someone for hours yesterday, without realising how long I had been sitting at the computer. I only really noticed how long it had been when I tried to stand up and my knees gave way beneath me.

I realise my entry yesterday was obscure again, after I had sworn that I would stop posting things like that. There are some things that need to remain hidden, for the sake of everyone concerned. Rest assured that I am okay. Better than okay, even. When I posted that entry, I felt a little like I was floating. I've never felt like that before. Usually, my feet remain very firmly on the ground.
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